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Angels of Death

First thing you will do when you get MW2?

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What will be the first thing you do on MW2 when you have installed it etc?

I'll most probably go straight into the story mode and start playing. I feel multiplayer comes afterwards, i.e. after the gamer has a brief idea about the ideology of the game and the various weapons involved.

What about you guys?

Angels of Death


Most likely, I'll do the same as you.. I had some extra vacation time, so I took the day of and day after release off.. LOL !! Play some story mode, just to get a feel and see what characters have returned, and then hop on the MP!! Going to be BRUTAL on multiplayer..The server load is going to be unreal !!!!!!!!!


Most of the guys i live with love Call of Duty as well so chances are we'll all be heading for some offline multiplayer. Once i get the game to myself i'll start with the single player.

I'll be busy making sure we've got a MW2 PC server up and running as well :)


I always play the story mode first to get a good feel of the game before getting into the multiplayer. Not to mention getting those achievements :p
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