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First thoughts.. Not Impressed..


The Equalizer
Game play is run/gun like BOCW or Unreal Tournament.. No time for tactics or stealth..

Graphics are Modern Warfare circa 2000...

Hope to see massive improvement by release date..


The Equalizer
It's kinda tricky to install...

Yer on Battle Net, right??

Go to your Battle Net Window.. Click on the MW II part..


Then click on the GAME VERSION drop down box and select MODERN WARFARE II BETA and it should allow you to install..

Hope this works for ya..

All I can say is that I hope the WARZONE version of MWII is better...

And the aimbot for Console Players is way WAY above PC players...

PC doesn't stand a chance against Console's Aim Assist... :(


The Equalizer
I have been doing the Ground War version (20v20) and it's a lot more fun.. At least I get better kills and don't die as much.. :D

I have to camp in TDM to get any kills...

I am hoping that the WZ version of MWII will be better than the MP version...

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