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For all those players CONSTANTLY complaining about their "issues"

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 3' started by blackcats, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. blackcats

    blackcats Guest

    Did you ever stop and think that the issue is with YOUR side of things?

    There are a few people on here that CONSTANTLY complain about matchmaking/lag/connections, but when you get down to it, those same people are the ones trying to filter servers, tinker with their connections constantly and just can't leave their settings alone.

    I am almost 100% positive that the issues these people are having are caused by their end of things and they have gotten their internet so far out of whack that the issues are caused by the constant tinkering.

    I have played COD since COD1 on PC, and switched over to XBOX 360 on COD4. the ONLY game where I had internet issues was MW3 due to the poor implementation of how the lag compensation worked (youtube videos prove it), and the ONLY change to my internet is the speeds at which were offered by my ISP have increased.

    I have played EVERY COD on console on a wireless connection, and haven't used the super high end routers/modems. In fact right now I am using the supplied router/modem combo supplied to me by my ISP and it works amazing. Time Warner increased our speeds from 50/25 to 200/75 over the winter and supplied me with a Technicolor TC8717T modem router. Before that I was running their Thompson modem and a Netgear Nighthawk X6. The ONLY thing that I have adjusted in the settings is set my DMZ to my XBOX with a static IP address. I have NEVER port forwarded, messed with the MTU, etc...etc...

    BO3 runs basically flawless for me, and has since release. BO2 ran perfect, BO1 ran perfect, W@W ran perfect, MW2 ran perfect (minus all the hackers and cheaters), COD4 ran perfect, Ghosts was an awful game, but ran perfect as well. MW3.... well....

    If I were the ones constantly complaining, I would try to reset everything to standard settings and see what happens.

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