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Forum Games and Role-playing

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Forum games are usually a pretty big part of forums, especially because they keep people coming back as a result of the activity that is required in playing the actual game. Because of the Call of Duty-centered theme, the forum games could get really interesting with the twist that they could add.

Forum games are often either made-up or based on some reality game show. With more and more people, this could become a real success that invites Call of Duty fanatics to also have some fun on the forums instead of just in front of their TV screens mowing down lines of zombies.

Are you guys familiar with the forum game Mafia? It is pretty fun, and it requires a special commitment. Coupled with some Call of Duty themes, Mafia could get really interesting! I love the potential ideas that could sprout. If anybody has questions regarding it, I could find a few links that explain how to play Mafia, or I could answer with what I know. I have played in a few games, so I could help set up how it would work. Mafia itself has many variants and game modes, but although it is complicated to learn at first, people usually get the hang of it and keep coming back for more. Since Mafia requires commitment, articulation, and vigilance, it could probably have a sub-forum of its own, although it could also be merged with the forum games depending on preference.

Lots of people love role-playing! This could be unique specifically because it offers Call of Duty role-playing. In the actual video games, there are campaigns that allow people to be in the middle of the action. With role-playing forums, you could actually CREATE the action. The topics could be fun to read and fun to post/play in. I think it would be a good idea for the CODers to unleash some of their imagination regarding the Call of Duty world. These forums could be a sub-forum of the games forum, or it could be merged with the actual forum games forum depending on what people prefer.

These forums are the start of something truly unique to the Call of Duty world!
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