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Xbox Live FREE AGENT !!!

Jan 7, 2018
Hi my name is Carlos. Im 22 and in school to be a police officer. Im an experienced LAN winner and GameBattles competitor. My current stat in WW2 are 2.1 kd and 2.5 WL. 300 spm. IM looking for a mature group of dudes or dudes to play with. Mature and loyalty is what im looking for. Similar stats as mine as well. Tired of playing with randoms who dontt know a thing or try! MSG me asap. IM really trying to be taken by an org. (ps i do charity streams) AcTiV 08 is my xbox Gamrertag
Nov 4, 2017
You might like what Rapture Gaming has to offer. We support multiple games and have members from all over the world. We currently have about 80 active members playing CoD. Our main focus is people coming together to have a good time without the drama. We have casual players like myself and others that are more focused on competitive playing.

If have any question feel free to ask and if you would like to apply use the following link! http://rapturegamingcommunity.net/forum.php?referrerid=953

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