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How do you guys feel about this?

  • I agree

  • Some points, kinda

  • Nah kid, your dog

  • Call of duty has to stop catering to crybaby pros who GA everything in the game

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Cold War is becoming trash...er than it already is.
Hackers, damn near every other lobby.
No anti cheat and they can block you so you can’t report them.
Next issue, why tf do y’all cater the game to 2 guns? Why even add new guns into the game if your going to buff 1 AR and 1 SMG, oh the FFAR got a buff, the krig buff shits in everything so nobody is using anything else.
AK74u, buffed to the point no gun is viable to contest close range and sometimes when you shoot first you still die.
The whole stuck in game start menu, ever tried switching your class mid rounds in league play? Then get stuck on that screen all game? And you have to watch for the rest of the game, no rejoining or anything, so you lose the match.
Why is there only like 3 maps in rotation? Yeah I know there’s more, but I got Garrison 4 times in a row, checkmate more times in a row. Stand-off, tsssk, play that map like once a day. Why is Miami still in rotation when we can have Miami strike?
Oh and the best part of it all, if I get placed competitor, and I solo Q right? Why do I have to play advanced ( orange gem ) the green gem and elites? That’s SBMM? So if I’m playin like an elite, can I get the white gem under my shit too? But no, place in competitor and I gotta play full squads of elite players, it’s a joke honestly.

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