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Funniest match you've ever played?


I remember this one game, it was me and my buddies versus this group of girls.

It was pretty funny hearing them rage every time we'd shoot them because they clearly had no experience with games.



I remember a game in which there were a lot of germans and russians. They were all talking trought the mics in their own language, so I decided to annoy them for a bit. I started making some World War II comments and acted like a german when they said something, and then in the end it turned into funny voice conversations between the germans and russians. I don't really remember what did they say in detail, but it was sure as hell funny and everyone was laughing.
I kept on killing this kid in FFA, and his mic was really annoying (like he had it in his mouth or something) and it was so funny hearing him rage each time I killed him.


I played a game against a bunch of little kids in their "clan" we beat them so badly they started saying we were "Hacking" the video game with "aimbots" and they all rage quited and messaged us saying they reported us, the funniest thing was nobody hacked and nobody was banned because they all false reported.
I played a game with a hacker and his buddies on the other team. My mates and I beat him by 10 kills, which was pretty awesome for playing against a hacker. I felt pretty accomplished after that haha.


I played a game of domination where we were absolutely getting "dominated." The score was 35-150. When they were just about to close out the game at around 190 points, one of my teammates got a tactical nuke, and we won. It was so clutch. Funniest match I've ever played.


I just finished the kill cam with a lucky throwing knife across the map! But as the host left the whole game was closed and I never got to see the replay! However, it was hilarious!
I got a MOAB with a revolver quite possibly the one game that gave me hope for my skill at COD running around putting other players on the floor with my .44 magnum. The height of my gamaing career all for one kill streak.


One game we were on Outpost and our entire team was camping like crazy. Every single person except for us were laying down. I hate the map personally, and we hate campers, so we made it a mission to just mess with our own team. Annoying? Very. Fun? Absolutely. At one point we formed a "Human Caterpillar" with a guy and he had no idea (or at least didn't move or do anything about it). It was pretty ridiculous, haha.

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