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Angels of Death

Gamemodes: Demolition and plunder trios/quads


I'm an oldy representing myself and a group of 10 others who used to get online every day for some CoD when we were in high school. As you can probably guess we quit playing for several editions of CoD when the jumping flying crap was launched (used to be more realistic, now it's just ridiculous). We came back to CoD for Modern Warfare thinking it would be better. Payed for a few weeks but couldn't play demo and our new favorite gamemodes kept vanishing. We quit playing until just recently when warzone dropped. It was neat, but boring. Then blood one dropped and it was fantastic...till it vanished. Please make tlyour game que lists more constant. I get that everyone's after the new fad, but my group will not continue playing random crap like this. CoD already became a memory to us once ane after this game's lack of the entire old classics Playlist (especially Demo) as well as the poor management of new gamemodes I believe it will do the same perminently.

An old CoD gamer

Angels of Death

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Angels of Death