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DMZ Glitch or no?


Fallen Angel
So last night in running thru trying to re-equip my "Old ghost" Skin ( I swear he is going to be my default JUST because he respawns with a 2 plate vest. It makes recovery that much easier) So anyway I spawned near rohan.. OK I like Rohan so long as I have a suppressed weapon and I did. Off I go looting and shooting and making my way purposely going for a coms vest. early on looted a large BP ( YAY) so I started to collect med vest items too as they were coming up easy. I make my way to the buy station looting and shooting along the way. Get there and had enough to get a coms vest and a medic vest so I got both. stowed the one I dropped ( the coms ) was wearing the medic.

I head for the exfil and noticed I got a message of a team nearby and as I did I see chat pop up and I can hear 2 players. SO I do my best to head to the back of the area away from them and the exfil and let them leave then shoot and scoot to the exfil pop the smoke and hide waiting for the ride out. Other than a couple bots it was easy so off I go.

I look and see I am wearing the med vest and the coms is in the BP.. when the exfil completes they took the extra vest out of the BP... So umm I am thinking that sucks and they should leave stuff like that in the BP myself but meh OK it is what it is..

My question.. why did the coms vest work if I was not wearing it? I did get a coms vest alert of the other team being there.. Seems odd to me

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