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Golden Weapons


What do you guys think about the MW2 Golden Guns ???

You think they're going to be having Golden Guns in the game or not ??? and if they do... they should make it either harder to get.. or make most of the guns golden :) this way its cooler.

In CoD4... i hated Dragunov.... and when I got it golden.. I still hated it... I wish .50 Cal... or the other snipers were golden :)


I have never really cared much for any of the golden weapons. As I was mainly competition oriented I've always used somewhat of a stock setup.


I could care less about the golden guns. Like sonicboom boom said, I usually used the stock colors in Call of Duty 4 because it looks more realistic.


They'll most likely have golden guns and I hope the difficulty is the same as Call of Duty 4. I personally won't go after them because it takes too long and golden guns look unrealistic.

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