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Multi Good player LF Competitive MW Clan



I have played COD since Call of Duty 4. I am very passionate about the game. I am looking for a clan of people that plays together and wins together. I mainly play gunfight because i have fallen in love with the mode, but i want to learn SND and Hardpoint competitively. I am more than willing to try out if need be. I am very much a team player. I always look out for what can help the team the most. If it means holding a certain lane to make my teammates successful or if it means i need to be on my A game with my shot. I will do anything i can do to win. I look forward to hearing from anyone who has a clan that i could be apart of. Thank you
Hey GMR JaY, any interest in joining a community? I rep PGN and we are looking for active dedicated gamers to join our ranks. We do internal comps, tournaments (5v5s and 2v2s), game nights 5 nights a week, and we meet weekly as a squad for community discussion and feedback. We also follow a military style rank structure. We do have some play requirements to help us maintain an active community, but if you play a decent amount, they are easy to meet. Check out pgnhq.com (switch to "web version" if you're on a phone) to learn more about us and add me on discord if you'd like to chat more: PGN-LordDonut#6773

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