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Google Chrome Spell Check.....


The Equalizer
Up until recently, whenever I made comments in ANY forum, I would get a red squiggly line under words that were misspelled...

All of the sudden, I didn't get that anymore.. I tried a couple Spell Check extensions for Chrome, but none were as seamless or give the same indications that the old way did...

I know Chrome likes to change things with their browser.. These days, every link opens a new tab instead of within the same tab....

But that spell check thingy came in REAL handy and I would like to get it back..

Any ideas???


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
I used to use Grammarly, but started using Editor which is part of the Microsoft 365 suite, since Microsoft added this I have not looked at Grammarly again.


The Equalizer
Ahhhhh Yea, I dunno what I was using.. It just was always there.. Until it wasn't...

Thanx for the hint.. I'll check into that...

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