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Grenades are broken

I realize this is going to be unpopular, but I strictly play HC SnD and have been since Cod4, but currently this gamemode is unplayable in Vanguard. There is absolutely no way to avoid the constant spawn pre nade spam without simply sitting in my spawn until they're all thrown. Gone are the days of hitting rush routes and winning legitimate gun fights because all rush routes are just pre-naded. I get it "this game wasn't made for HC modes" and "nades aren't an issue in core, just play core." And before you ask, no, fortified does not work in HC, grenades do too much damage with a ridiculous blast radius, they need a nerf, big time. Or even put a delay on grenades like many other COD's have done in the past just for SnD. Until then, this game is unplayable and enjoyable for those of us who run HC SnD. Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way, maybe not? Let me know. Fix the nades please!!!

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