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Hello All


Hello to all CoD Fans. I am Eli (zEvArAnO) I am a huge gamer, and a big COD fan.. decided to join the forums around to have fun and talk with some CoD fans like myself.

Xbox360 Gamertag: zEvArAnO


Staff member
Hey Eli, nice to have you with us. I'll try and have a game or two with you on Live if i get a chance and you're online when i am:)
Hey welcome to the boards :D. Do you have any games on PC like counter strike source or cod4/5? I don't have an xbox at the moment but can definately roll you on PC ;). Let me know buddy, have fun!


haha... rolling me on a PC you wish pal. I used to have Counter Strike: 1.6, CZ,Source... I gave my account yo my friend. But sure... If you plan on getting a xbox360.. I would love to play with you.

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