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Xbox Live Hey You! Ya You! We are looking for leaders and chill gamers!

Hey what’s up? I’m here with Reapers Nation. Spots are open for Pros and those that want to relax. Most of us have families so sometimes we really don’t except people to be on everyday. We have been the number #1 clan on Modern Warfare for 2weeks in a row. This clan is respectively run by veterans and civilians. We Support the Troops 100%. We also have random events where some of our squads run a custom match to spend time with each other and get to know one another or to teach each other about spots, weapons, maps, and other game plays. We also have a ranking system; this helps us run our clan smoothly. The higher your rank is the more you get out of our clan. We also do random giveaways because why not?? Lol We are on Xbox, Ps4, and pc. We are also featured on the call of duty mobile app for those that love to play on the go or in between classes. I’m looking for those that want to help make the clan better and that wants a gaming family. Our clan welcomes people that play any type of game whether its COD, Fortnite, Tom Clancy, or even Destiny 2. We support our clan members on game play and outside of game play. We want everyone to feel welcomed and at home with our clan, so we really strive to make it feel that way. We also support Streamers, I myself am I streamer and know how hard it is to get an audience, so we usually take the time and help you have a spotlight on our group page on social media and discord. If you are interested let me know or add me on Xbox @BabyDollReaper. We are also on Fb @ReapersNation. Let Us know, we are excited to meet new people.



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