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Warzone 2.0 Hi everyone, i have trouble wit cod,its crash


I have this 2 eror in windows 10 and 11 ,has oter people encountered tis ??I look upon internet an I didn't found anything, my pc rtx 4090,I 9 13900k,32 gb ram ,plus 1200w,


more specific on error please
First I tried to se the integriti of my file on steam ,it show me that 38 file are corrupt, download again that file ,it start the game and ofter 5 min in game it crush and shome that eror it is in windows 10 and window 11 20230325_215223.jpg20230325_215223.jpg


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its been a problem in steam and blizzard,i have not loced up in a few weeks,theres alot of stuff on internet and youtube so i would suggest trying different things. try and redown load directx. i turned off in game voice chat and i watched a video that said to do this with newer cards. now wether helps you or not i dont know but it seems to have helped me somewhat.
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdSYpb3V76k


Also make sure that you have done the best possible job at updating all software. Directx is one thing as mentioned above but I am talking about every possible driver, redistributable, motherboad, monitor, mouse, keyboard etc. Oh, and if you are using GeForce then get rid of that too for now plus if you use any overlays from steam, nvidia, discord etc disable all of them.

Forgot to ask this.....Has the game ever worked for you in the past? New Windows install? Or, is this the first time for this game? Other games work?


Did you purchase the game through Battlenet or Steam?

Ok, so the game worked in the past. When did it stop working? Did you reload your computer or buy a new one or what? Something happened to your computer and that is most likely why it won't run the game properly now. Think back and let us know exactly what happened, if anything was done to the computer, so that we can think of a reason why you are having issues now.
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