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Warzone High FPS 120+ no drops but gameplay stutters

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I’ve installed warzone on my pc this week and whilst playing last night i noticed some issues.

My FPS is high always over 120 and doesn’t drop off although the screen seems to stutter and skip its almost like it overlaps as I’m moving my mouse around the map like the game is trying to catch up with itself, no idea what to change to fix this really and I can’t seem to find anything online, I’m using my PC on a 55” Samsung TV 60hz.

Pc specs are;

I7 9700



Any help would be appreciated



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Yes, first thing to check is graphics drivers are up to date and Windows updates are all current as well.

Do you have a monitor you can connect your PC to?

I suspect that the reason behind your issue is related to using a TV, even in gaming mode, most TVs just don't do the best job of working well with gaming on PC. To start with you're pumping out twice as many frames per second as the TV can handle at 60hz and then each frame rendered by your GPU will take different amounts of time to render and your TV isn't well equipped to handle variable frame render times.

You could try setting V-Sync at 60hz to match your TV's 60hz but this could introduce input lag, where an action on your keyboard and mouse could result in a delayed response in the game.

To eliminate the TV as the possible cause, it's worth testing with a monitor, if that solves the problem it will point you in the right direction for a solution, if not we'd have to look at other possibilities.

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