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DMZ Hjelp unlocking the M13b


So, Im a total noob. Been off of PC gaming for years. Now running a business and soon to be dad, and no dudes that I can count on to drop in the game with me to play with, I haven’t got the time to grind endlessly for the m13. So far I’ve gotten it in my hands 6 times, only to get fucked by:
1. NPC horde just outside the radiation zone
2. Squadmate who waited for me to take down the chemist and then swooped in and fucked off with it
3. Another squad chased me down in an LTV
4. Enemy squad camping the extract zone
5. Enemy squad camping the extract zone
6. Enemy squad camping the extract zone
7. Squad mate theft again
8. Numerous death by either npc’s, enemy squad or just incompetent squad or yours truly

You get the picture. So, I’ll give this a shot:

Anyone willing to help a brother out and spawn in with me drop the m13 and let me extract with it?

I’d be seriously greatful.

Any takers?

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