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Hot garbage


Wow this game is trash lol. How can anyone play this game and find any enjoyment? Nothing but cheating players every match with snap to head aim rapid fire dmrs quick .0ms quick scooters just trash. I tried to contact sony for a refund but their policy is once you download something your ineligible...cute system.
It definitely has been unbearable. Ever since the season 1 update. It just hasn’t been the same since. Tried to go back to Modern Warfare hoping to be better. But it’s not any better
I feel that. I've played like two matches of multiplayer and had a shit time. I don't intend on playing multiplayer again unless it's with friends. The zombies mode is fun though.


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
I have come across players in some matches that have seemingly pulled off some kills against me that look impossible, but then seen them later in the same match and they have missed what I thought would be really easy shots to get against me, like when I am reloading.

The few that I have watched playbacks for can be put down to pre-aiming the corners, peeper's advantage, or sometimes where I have just misjudged my aim and left myself open.

I think camping is a bigger issue then cheating, but I've been guilty of camping in rooms for short bursts to recover energy or cover an objective, never for the entire match though, I do like to run around the map when I play.

I don't think cheating is anywhere near as widespread as you make it sound, I think I have only left 1 lobby where I thought someone was cheating, but I recorded the match and when I watched the playback I couldn't see anything that looked like cheating to me.

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