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How big is your Steam library?


I have, like, 550 games in my library, and I've beaten only around 20% of it. Seriously, I keep getting new games faster than I can play them.


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
It manages to be too big and not big enough...Schrodinger's steam account
Yeah, I think this sums it up for me, I want more games as I never want to play any of the 200 titles I have, but when I add games I don't play them to the end, I'll get so far and then want to play something different, either that or I'll be suckered into buying a Humble Bundle because it's for charity and not play them.

I think I have completed around 40 games, though it's worth noting that games like CS:Go are not games we can complete and I think I have a fair amount of games like that.

cheapskate? i only have around 40 but my pc is relatively new so. and i dont play on steam most of the time
Steam made things easy in the beginning, it was a one-stop-shop for all things relating to games, but then EA and Ubisoft decided they wanted their own stores and now I have to install launchers with shops for so many different games and don't like the fragmentation.
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