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How Do People Stand The Spas-12 In BO1?


It's unusable. The sights cover up half the screen. I'm rendered effectively blind while adsing. How do players combat this? YOU GUESSED IT! By jump-peeking and adsing mid air. The only attachment available is the SILENCER. WHY WOULD YOU EVER USE A SILENCER ON A SHOTGUN????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Not only does it serve absolutely no purpose but it attacks the little range these weapons have. AND PEOPLE ACTUALLY USE IT. I might as well shoot the ground repeatedly with the dragunov and pray to r.n.jesus that the hitreg grants me a kill. Sounds like a more effective strategy.

Update: forgot to point out in my o.g post why jump peeking all the time is problematic. its just overly predictably and i could be sitting in whatever offangle i like with any other shotgun and deal with you easily.

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