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How do you deal with politics among friends?


How do you deal with politics among your friends or family? Is it a touchy subject? Are there big fights or do most of them have the same type of beliefs where it doesn't matter?

I'm finding that my side of the family have like minded beliefs and my husband's side of the family are the complete opposite. Awkward.

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I try not to bring politics in conversations with family, because it evokes different feelings. I try to convince my brother and his girlfriend that Democrats isn't the party to vote for right now. But they are just blinded by hate for Trump for some stupid "hivemind" attitude.

I tried to do the same with my friends who are business-minded people, but they're not really listening, because of the communist Democrats - they want to turn the party into a socialist party.

What they don't realize is the unrest that's going on right now was sponsored by Democrats. We left California because everything was getting more expensive. I incorporated my company in California, and I learned how much they tax even the smallest company. I voted for Trump this time around because I see what they're doing to businesses of all types. Tesla's C.E.O. even spoke out on Twitter on how they're treating businesses.

There is more than one issue going on in the world right now. A pandemic, online debates are now one-sided (communism), censorship everywhere, riots, housing crisis. It's chaos right now. I am trying to weather this storm so I can come out on the top. The good news is that CODForums is doing pretty well despite all the chaos.
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As to the OP, I try to go out of my way to avoid talking politics with friends and family.. Sometimes, the temptation is just to great and I usually fell pretty shitty afterwards..

Like now is a perfect case in point.. :D But I console myself by TRYING to keep in it's proper place and not let it bleed over into other forums..

I pride myself in the ability to see all sides of an issue and make a sincere attempt to see things from other's point of view... I am passionate about what *I* believe but I do make a sincere effort to see how others might see it..

By way of this current issue, I would ask those who don't see a problem with BLM ads posted all over the game... How would they feel if there were PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR RE-ELECTION ads posted all over the game???

And I say that as someone who voted for Obama in 2008 and voted for President Trump in 2016...

Life goes on.. Peace out...
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