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How Infinity Ward could've made a good CoD 2016

What Would you rather have

  • Ghosts 2

  • Modern Warfare 4

  • Infinite Warfare

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Jul 11, 2016
As we all know, Infinite Ward is CoD 2016, and it's getting too much hate, by millions, including me. Here is why

50% of the reason is because Call of Duty is not frekin flight simulator, the other 50 is because they decided that the only way to get Modern Warfare Reboot is to get the legacy version, what a bad move, also, because they are releasing too much futuristic CoD games, Since Black Ops 2, we were overfilling with Futuristic Games.

2 Good titles they could've made to make a great game, is:
Modern Warfare 4
Ghosts 2

And I know people would still get mad if the only way to get the reboot is to get a legacy edition of Ghosts 2 but they won't get mad if its Modern Warfare 2, like all you need to make a good CoD game is to have a good title, and to have Captain Price, and it will be cool if either had Ghost still alive. AND NO ONE WANTS A COD FLIGHT SIMULATOR!!!!!!!
Nov 20, 2016
If I'm honest I like the new movement system, I've played call of duty from Cod1 on PS2, I love boots on ground but also the new movement system adds a better gaming experience in my opinion we have more chance in 1v1 gun fights, we are able to move quicker around the map so more action happens and we have to move with the times, I don't think it's too over the top I mean they could of added aliens, lasers and loads of over the top things but a new movement system isn't a bad thing yes I agree it's hard to get used to but once your used to it it's amazing, i always like to look at things in a positive light and the new movement system adds a more action packed experience, so embrace it.

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