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How many games do you have on your PC ?


I got my pc a bit spoiled so now only have counter strike 1.6 and gta-sa eses and neither can play, what games have you? :)


I have both Portal games, all 4 Assassin's Creeds (1,2,3, and brotherhood), and a bunch of casual, indie games. Now all that I need is some time to play some of those games again!


TOO MANY TO COUNT. Well I mean I could, but its lots. Not to mention all the ones I have on FLOPPY DISK. CD. or other hard drives.

Steam is amazing, the indi games are awesome. Big ups to minecraft....NOT. the game got so old so fast.
yeah I like building castles BUT GEEZ im bored.


My all-time favorite PC game is probably Counter-Strike. I love how you can find servers with people from your country, who speak the same language you do, and how you can always join the same server, with the same people (unlike COD, or many other games).


I probably have too many that I can count. I have install and uninstalled so many computer games over my lifetime that I simply cannot name them all. For me, computer gaming started with CS 1.6 and I haven't really been the same since. The PC is a great console with so much to offer and I think that the mouse and keyboard are much better for the FPS genre than the controller is. Not to mention games that are RTS and TBS play much better on the computer.

That being said, I still play various FPSs on my 360, simply for the company that sometimes the PC can lack.


I've been thinking of getting a PC just to start gaming on it. Any suggestions on what to look at/for? And where to get some good prices?
Well, I have a bunch of games on Steam that I haven't actually downloaded. But this is my rundown:

Black Ops 2
Battlefield 3
Team Fortress 2
System Shock 2
Resident Evil 6


Through steam, I have 193 games in total. Most of them I purchased through sales whenever they were $10 or less. There's maybe only a handful of games that I bought full price on release date.


I currently have 27 games on my Steam account so I've got a nice amount. Nothing close to 193 but I wouldn't even be able to keep track of them at that point. The ones I play the most would be Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Garry's Mod, Team Fortress 2, GTA IV, Fallout: New Vegas, and Battlefield 2. Most of the others were only single player games that don't have much replay value after you've gone through them the first time.


Like most of you guys, I have tons of games in my steam account that aren't downloaded yet, just bought. I generally cycle which games I install so I don't clog up my PC. Some PC games take up so much hard drive space! Although, right now, all I'm playing on my PC is Counter Strike: Source, and Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition, two great games.
I don't use a whole lot of Steam so it's more or less like 5 games from steam and a bunch of emulators that have virtual copies of games that I own. :) Love playing DS games on the monitor.


I actually am a PC newb. I have 2 games on PC -- don't laugh at titles.. Age of the Empires and Final Fantasy XI. I actually stop playing FFXI because I hated paying each month to play and it seems things are drawn out to just get me to play/pay more. So I guess I am down to one.


I have a fair amount of games on my steam account.
After just over a year on steam, I amassed about 66 games I believe, which to me seems like a large sum.
I have a total of about 11, but I don't remember each one. Just beat Tomb Raider, so I'm looking for another game to get (probably DLC Quest), which will up my number of games to 12.


I only have bowling and Bejeweled blitz. I am fairly new to the gaming system. On my handheld gaming system I have more than one thousand. I have not had the opportunity to explore all the preinstalled games yet.


I have 84 games on my steam account. I am not sure if that counts as a lot, but I got most of them on sales. I am a PC gamer so that really is my whole collection of games I own. I love Steam. You can get so much great games on sales that I think I have spent only 50% of the actual value on all of the games in total.


I have 22 and all of those are a mixture of games i have racing games, fps games, gangster games i would consider myself as a true gamer :).
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