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How NOT To Exfil


The Equalizer
Yea, I was told afterward that when you are on the outside of the evac chopper you can't move at all or else...

"Something that would have been good to know YESTERDAY!!"



Fallen Angel
Well, I ran my but to an evac chopper from across the whole map last night.. Was solo down near the water. Gas started to spread. I picked a close by hostage contract. Whoops I got 2/3rds the way to it and no go it was in the gas already. OH snap had I been that tied up in making a medic vest. Yep.
I found the closest vehicle a truck some guys had just left parked there when they piled out of it. I headed north to the very top of the map. Straight as a crow as I could I bashed over hill and rock and etc. only to have my ride take too much damage from the locals who were upset I crossed thru their garden, NUTS I had like 4 minutes to go and I was 600 meters or so away so I ran.. and I ran, I got there with 30 seconds to spare as I boarded the chopper I heard proxy chat. I called out Friendly Friendly Friendly! I just want a ride out I wont shoot no one.. Someone replied "OK" I stated 25 seconds left get on the bird guys and I started shooting bots which one of them shouted hey WOW.. said just clearing a path for you guys.. OK was the reply and with 10 seconds left.. 2 guys hopped on.

One of them says to me. Funny I was looking for people coming from that building over there I never saw you approach the chopper....

/Sigh wipes forehead..

So my shit luck of making it to the chopper unseen allowed me to not get sniped on exfil...

I should have taken his tag and written it down to recall the dirty low down exfil camper... But I was just happy to be exfiling.. I recalled do not jump on the nose of the chopper though.. LOL

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