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Multi How to go pro

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For those of you who are interested in going pro you should probably read this and follow it. The first thing you want to do is get friends from your school who have the exact same interests as you. By doing this you can hangout with them more, be closer to them, not fight as much, and practice more. When you have the people you need weather it’s 2 people 4 people or even 10 people you must then start a Team, Clan, or Gaming Organization. By doing this you need to come up with your own organizational name and logo (Be original it will help you a lot). Once you have done that you need to consistently practice and NEVER stop practicing. Once you have practiced for a good amount of time look for local tournaments by you. Doing this will help you grow and become more well known. Also by doing this you will see how good the team you used for that tournament is. After you have gone to several local tournaments and you have gotten to be the “best” and you have made some money, you will then want to buy tickets to any professional gaming tournament. You may have to fly somewhere or at least travel some but that’s ok as long as you make sure with your parents unless you’re 18+ of course. You will participate in that tournament and if you do good well then you make good money and can keep paying tickets for other tournaments. And eventually you will become well known and looked up to. But that’s honestly all you have to do like you don’t need to suck some pro clans dick or some companies ass you just need to put in the time and effort. Comment below if you’re in a clan , put your clan/ team/ Gaming name below and tell me if you are interested in going pro

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