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How to I block the LBQT flags from displaying?


Hi, is there anyway I can disable the LGBTQP (Lesbien - Gay - Bisexual - Bi - Trans - Queer and Paedofile ) flags from displaying as I think its very inappropriate.
Its an abomination before God and I don't want to see it video games, why? why the need it to inform us that they are craving strange flesh?
Why do they feel the need to put a flag in a video game to alert us to the paedofiles? shouldn't they be sending screenshots of users choosing the 16 different LGBTQP flags to the police so they can put them on a watch list?

I just don't understand why these flags in call of duty it makes NO sense, can we get a proud to be straight flag in the game also?
Or a think blue line flag? or back the flue flag or a trump flag?

I do not want anything to do with these vile creatures, I dont want to know I have kill one, just please stop showing me there disgusting flags, 16 flags for perverts in a video game is LAUGHABLE!


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
The short answer is no.

There will and have always been portions of our communities that have been singled out and discriminated against, whether it is down to skin color, socio-economic background, religious beliefs, political stance and now it is LGBTQ+ communities.

All of which have rights so we can't ban their flags, however the game devs and/or Activision have been careful not to include any party-political affiliations such as using pro-Trump flags.

IMHO, they have made the right decisions here and I can't understand why you choose to take offense to it, but you also have the right to choose how you react to this, so I'll say no more about that.

I am all for a live and live world, different strokes for different folks etc...


Staff member
The post itself was fine, but the topic title was not. I had to change it. Please remain respectful. Thanks.

I do have similar views, but I'm not aggressive about it.


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
The post itself was fine, but the topic title was not. I had to change it. Please remain respectful. Thanks.

I do have similar views, but I'm not aggressive about it.
Agreed, respect each other, and disagree in a respectful way, allowing for a conversation that can inform all participants instead of dividing them with hostility.

Many of us have different opinions and ideas, some of us are on different platforms or even enjoy different versions of the games, such as PS5/4, XBox X|S or One, PC, Modern Warfare, Warzone, Cold War etc... these differences don't seem to attract has much hate as other differences such as straight and/or LGBTQ+.

Just because something doesn't seem right to me, it doesn't mean I can force that idea on others that feel differently, my earlier reply was more about letting people have the right to express themselves and be themselves without fear of persecution even when their views differ from my own.


The Equalizer
The thing is, if you have a controversial option to express ones self, where do you draw the line??

BLM graphics are OK but Trump support graphics are not??

No matter how ya go, there is going to be SOME discrimination.. Better to offer plain vanilla w/o ANY controversy whatsoever..

In that, the OP has a valid point... If they offer LGBQTABCEIEIO graphics, then by rights they should offer christian graphics as well??

If you offer BLM graphics then you should offer Thin Blue Line graphics as well...

And so on and so on and so on...
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