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How to use Tapatalk on CODForums

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I've been running CODForums since 2009, and I installed Tapatalk in 2013. Mobile users have a choice: Use the standard site (which is mobile optimized already thanks to xenForo), or they can use Tapatalk, which is an external "mobile" site. Some users know how to use Tapatalk, and some don't know how to use tapatalk. This guide will help folks who don't know how to use Tapatalk. If this is your first time using Tapatalk, this guide is for you. So, listen up.

To find CODForums on Tapatalk, all you have to do is search "CODForums," and a listing will come up as "CODForums."


To follow CODForums, press the + button...


Press "Next" to proceed. It will also recommend you to other forums in the same niche. Ignore that, and skip right on through the next step. The next step is following some "opinion leaders." That means users on CODForums. It's just to connect with users, but it's not a requirement. If you'd like to return to the main Tapatalk screen, go ahead and press "skip."


You will now be brought to the screen. Click this icon, to find CODForums...


In the image below, you're at the "home" screen. In this page, you can sign up or sign in.


Next, click "Forums," this is where you can post to a specific forum. Most of the forums are self-explanatory. But if you still don't know where to post, here's the Forum List and what they are.

[Note: For clans, please only post in either Clan Recruitment or Clan Chat. Anywhere else, will be permanently moved to one of these forums depending on the nature of the post. Do not post a new one.]

Next up, chose a category to find a forum that you'd like to post in. For this example, I will use Clan HQ > Clan Recruitment, which is where most Clan topics go. Now, it's important to note, that if you scroll up or down, and a pencil icon pops up - That button creates a new thread (in other words, a new topic).

- Before


Clicking that blue button will bring up this dialog...


But if you click a thread, and you wanted to reply to it, there should be a little box at the bottom telling you that you need to sign in or sign up to reply...


And, that concludes the baisc Tapatalk guide! Any questions?

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