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How to Win Over Battlefied Fans

Dead Hands

The latest Modern Warfare is much better than I thought it would be. I stopped playing COD games basically back at MW2 because I got tired of the extremely short life you live running around in this hyper fast paced shooter. It was GREAT back in the early days of evolution when COD4 released...but people that love that real war feel and people that have been in the military tend to like more realistic gameplay, such as Battlefield. Now BF has strayed from their roots and tried to be a little more like COD, but still somewhere in the middle. Warzone almost has it all. My suggestion is for either COD developer to change how Battle Royale works as we know it (rename it if need be). The really large map is there and there should be more that all have a different feel (at least 4). Add more different vehicles including support and attach choppers, fix vehicle controls so they feel more realistic (it should be difficult to grasp at first, sort of along the lines of the control schemes of BF vehicles), and add lots of control points/objectives into these maps. The average for a BF map was about 5, but with a map the size of Warzone, you could easily have 20 large ones and then some smaller outposts, that if controlled, gives you some sort of perk (like call in an airstrike once per X mins after holding it for consecutive mins and not losing base). Shooting and moving mechanics and all the progression and attachments are there and great if you ask me (with respect of how to unlock guns and attachments). Don't shrink the map at all during the game. Let them play out with 75v75 teams for a maximum of an hour (maybe a min of 25 mins if one team had almost all objectives because other team sucks). You can still keep you fast paced MP as you have it as well, but I bet you would see a huge horde of people flock from all the bigger war games back to yours because you "have it all". Having said all that, BF has become "Sniperfield" and it blows, so find a way to limit the amount of snipers per team because if you are full of them, there is no infantry combat and that is the most fun part of ALL the shooters like this....the infantry battles trying to take over bases can be SOOOO GREAT and limitless in creativity.

I'm also all about having a BR mode similar to Warzone's setup, but without shrinking the map every X minutes to force the game to a set timeframe. Instead, you could ping people's locations on the minimap every 30 secs or so. People will go after each other automatically, and that would eliminate someone sitting in one spot without moving thinking they will win without being spotted. An alternative could be similar to the "infected" game mode where every person killed becomes a Zombie, and there could be some additional zombie bots that sort of know where players can be, so people have to fight off these zombies, thus giving away their position to another real person still playing to win and making them into targets, while also giving the people that died something really cool to do instead of just rejoining another lobby to "try" to win. All of this could be done without shrinking the map to force gameplay. Just some ideas. Do them all. Make them free modes and see how many people try them....something. I hate that I don't have a shooter that is scratching my itch right now...and hasn't for about 8 years.


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
Activision don't have a lot to do to pull people away from BF and into CoD, EA have managed to do that all by themselves with their stupid loot boxes and the microtransactions they bought in, and even though they say they aren't going to do that crap anymore, I have just lost any interest in playing anything they release.

I say that, I do want to try Squadrons, but I won't be buying it.


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
squadrons did not look that great to me as far as graphics on youtube videos.
I haven't even been looking at videos, but that's good to know.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing inherently bad about microtransactions or even loot boxes but where EA lost my trust in them was when they turned buying loot boxes into a lottery.

I still can't get over that and many of my BF friends feel the same way.

That doesn't stop me from paying games I already own, I just won't be buying anymore for a good while yet and not until I feel confident that they have fixed up their and made good.

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ive had bf4 and just reinstalled a few days ago and seems to look good and play good so ill be getting into that more probably and last night was able to pre install cod cold war and i think its today ill be able to play beta.
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