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Tactical Gaming

HowTo: Bruen Mk9 Unlock Challenge


Requirement is to kill 3 enemies in smoke in 15 different matches.

After trial and error and help from members here it has been proven that you AND the enemy must be in the same smoke cloud. Does not matter if it is your smoke grenade or someone else's. Key is it must be the same smoke plume.

Weapon: PKM. Use compensator, 1mw laser, merc foregrip, 200 round belt. Throw in FMJ for good measure.

Equipment: well, smoke grenade.

Strategy: Find a heavy traveler choke point and drop smoke. Pull the trigger and hip fire in your direction of choice until you run out of ammo or die.

Example: Shipment map. Toss smoke in the center, rush it, and ammo dump.

Tips: Definitely a small map challenge. You need high traffic as the smoke doesn't last long. Also, although hardcore gives one shot kills, you also kill your teammates and eventually, yourself. I found regular core to work much better.

It took an incredible amount of time to get 5 challenge updates. Once I discovered this method I was able to complete the next 10 in consecutive matches on the shipment map.

Good luck.

Tactical Gaming


Shipment is awesome, I have raised my average SPM from around 120 to over 200 after playing shipment only for the last few weeks.
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