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PSN HSS (team viper) is looking for YOU


Hello all people looking for a clan/organization!!!

Hello! My name is PK I am a member of a fast growing organization in the world of call of duty. We are called Headshot Specialist and we are a very dedicated member of folks who offer tons of things to do within our clan, but we need your help, yes YOU!

Ya see my organization has a lot to offer the competitive call of duty world and we are looking for more members to join our ranks and spread our name! If you feel as tho you are up for the task and a chance to join our competitive squad please respond down below!!

We are also looking for some very serious roles out side of just a player

Do you feel like you want to help us grow? Spread our name? Represent us off the playing field as well? Well you are in luck! We are currently searching and taking applications for a social media influencers! Someone to help run the organizations twitter accounts and spread our name! Sound like something your interested in? Let me know down below!

Social media and playing not your thing? More of a leader type with lots of knowledge about the game? Well I have a HUGE role for you we right now are searching for a COACH to help coach our esports organization!! Yes that’s right. As a coach your main role would be studying our game play giving us tips tricks and general advice, setting up game battles, watching CDL pros and learning from them and being our guide through the world of esports!!!! You would also accompany us to LAN tourneys and be able to share in our earnings!!!

If ANY of these roles sound good to you please let me me know down below and I look forward to heard from you

Good luck and fun gaming!,

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