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Humble Jumbo Bundle - 120$ worth of games for 4$


Hurry up while it's still hot! The newest HB offers Natural Selection 2, Sanctum 2 and Magicka with DLC for any amount of money, while you have to pay (currently) more than 4.12$ to get Serious Sam 3, Orcs Must Die 2: CP and Garry's Mod.

Along with that, you will get some sweet FLAC quality soundtracks of those games.

Also paying more than 4.12$ (I repeat, currently) will grant you some more games when they become available (I'm guessing within a week).

I bought it last night for 4$, so hurry up while the price is still low.


Man, you really can't go wrong with that deal at all! You gotta love it when good deals come out like this. Doesn't happen often but you need to take advantage of it when it does :)


Check the new deal out, guys! For just a dollar you get 4 copies of Insurgency (1 for you, 3 to share), Full Mojo Rampage, Always Sometimes Monsters, and Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure. For paying more than the average price, you get Blackguards, Grid 2 and Euro Truck Simulator 2, and also a mystery game that will be added later. But if you pay even more, which is over 12 dollars, you will get Saints Row IV, as well. I think this is one of their best bundles so far. Some really good games are in it. I think 5$ for Grid 2 and Euro Truck Simulator 2 ALONE is quite good, but you get even more. Awesome.

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