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Multi HxG (Hooligans x Gaming) Recruiting

Hi Everyone, my name is HxG SL33PLESS ( HxG Advertiser)

Has your current "clan" gone STAGNANT? No one on anymore to play with? Or maybe just 1 or 2 clan members left???.... Don't waste your time in a clan that is NEVER on. Hooligan X Gaming has 275 + members across 3 Platforms...PS4...XBOX...P.C. If your looking for a CHANGE...a new CHALLENGE...or looking for a great gaming community join HxG! You and 3....4...5... of your friends wanna join?? GREAT!!! If Your Interested In Joining Hooligans X Gaming... Go To Our Facebook Fan Page and LIKE IT... look around on it...also check out our other Social Media Sites as well on Twitter ,Instagram, Youtube. We play a Variety of Games including Black Ops 4, The Division 2, Apex,Kingdom Hearts III,Red Dead Redemption 2.Just SEND US A MESSAGE with what gaming console you are on and where your from....we have members in IRELAND...BELGIUM...HOLLAND...AUSTRALIA... UNITED KINGDOM...all the way back to the US of A!! Make that DECISION, to make that CHANGE you've been wanting to make! Send Me A Message and Let's Get You on The TEAM!

P.S. This is a 18+ COD based clan but we do play other games. So make sure you have Bo4 and if you don't just give me a estimate time of when you will be able to get it

Hooligans Fanpage


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