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Multi I miss BO2 tbh


I played BO2 again after a long time. I did pretty good tbh first game I did was FFA I won with a score of 30-4 that’s not to bad second game I played was hard point I went 46-10 last game I did I played CTF 43-6 with 2 captures. So yeah I didn’t do to bad I had a lot of fun playing it again tho. It’s weird because I’m pretty sure there is more people people playing BO2 than AW BO3 and IW combined like I got into a match quick af in BO2 plus there is like a couple thousand people playing each mode last night on Xbox. But anyway yeah It was fun I might play it again just to have fun and bring back old memories you know.

Also I use the PDW

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*Sigh* I also miss BO2.

It's the only futuristic game that I ever spent that amount of time that I spent with Modern Warfare - mornings, days, nights, midnights, till the next fucking morning.

I loved it. No matter how futuristic the game is, it was just. awesome.

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