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Tactical Gaming

Xbox Live i need a clan

Im a chill 30 yr veteran old who just started playing cod ww2. I stopped playing for a few years and now here i am. My k to d ratio sucks, but is improving. I dont want to go to a websitr and thumb through forums, just message me on xbox. my gamer tag is moosenutz486.

Tactical Gaming

FEAR is a friends and family based clan were all about respect and we work with everyone as we see it life comes first gaming is second as the important scale we would love to have you if you have any questions feel free to message me on xbox or my fb GT: FEAR Ganga King fb: www.facebook.com/FEARGanga/ we are 17+ i have also messaged you on xbox


You might like what Rapture Gaming has to offer. We support multiple games and have members from all over the world. We currently have about 90 active members playing CoD. Our main focus is people coming together to have a good time without the drama. We have casual players like myself and others that are more focused on competitive playing.

If have any question feel free to ask and if you would like to apply use the following link! http://rapturegamingcommunity.net/forum.php?referrerid=953
Lol .. you don't have to thumb through forums but most clans will expect you to be active in some way or another ... If you want mature gamers on your team check us out ... either visit our website or send me a message on xbox live ... my gamertag is in my sig below ...
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