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I noticed that some players have brighter and clearer graphics.

Hello PPL.

Sometimes, while playing Call of Duty 4 and spectating certain players, I've noticed that their games have better, brighter, and less detailed graphics, making aiming easier, especially for long-distance shots. Is this due to a mod or something else? Could you provide a link for clarification?

Please see the photo below for clarification. The "A" represents my screen, while the "B" represents their screen.

That pretty much depends on your graphics card, monitor and stuff like that. I am using a rtx 3080 with a 4k monitor and gsync active. Depending on my settings I can get really good graphics just like "A".
I see what you are saying now. Not usually a mod but a choice for some players. A lot of higher end players will play at lower graphic settings for better frame rates. There are also settings to allow less or more physics to happen such as smoke etc. Again this is supposed to help players achieve the best fps that they can. This can also be used to improve aiming I have been told or at least spotting players. There could be hacks for that too but damned if I know about that.

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