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I Want $$$


I was balls deep into MOHAA, which is kind of like the foundation of COD. I grew up poor as fuck, and I was not into COD at first. I got into COD around when I moved out into my own place, and I bought myself a xbox 360. I guess.

Long story short after my account was hacked about a year ago I began to witness what streamers are when I was researching about how to recover my COD account, and from what I could see someone probably paid to compromise my account. From there I found out my computer is over 12 years old, and so I upgraded to a I5 processor cpu for 80$. Sometime soon I'll buy myself a capture card, and probably start with offline content of my weapon progression. My play style is catered toward getting the weapon mastery camo, and then going tryhard with my favorite gun in bad ass camo during the "second half".


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
Hi @33XRAY and welcome to CoDForums.

Sounds like you have a good plan to move into streaming, my one word of advice is "consistency", all of the best and most popular streamers and content creator channels consistently post week in, week out, day in, day out, etc... if you want your channel to get noticed then you need to connect with your audience and then make sure your content goes out according to schedule.

Good luck.


I've about consistency before so I respect that. My hugest obstacle is going to be learning. Luckily, I did go to technical high school for communication arts. I just need to know how to edit. I could never edit. I always had to have other people do it. I wish I saved my talent wheel.

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