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If you could relive a year...


which year would you want to go through again?

for me probably 2006 for different reasons. although having said that ive had an amazing 2009 so far as well


I'm happy to stay with now. Finished my A Levels and have now got the summer to relax and do whatever i want. Life is good.
Probably this year (2009)...It was a good year but a few mistakes I made...

- quit my job because I wasn't getting any shifts (literally 1 shift in 30 days). We started getting more shifts after the slow times passed :p.

- crashed a car into a building! I was parking went to hit the brake and hit the edge of the gas :S. Everythings good, but yeah.

Could of done some things better and maybe a little better in school. Wasn't too bad of a year though, enjoyed it :D.


It is the Japanese who does not understand English. Because I wanted to use a free server, I contributed it.
Thank you very much.


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I'd go back to the year 1997 to relive what I used to have. Lots of friends, lots of things to do, I mean, I was popular...now, all that is gone. I never had to worry about money, because we had money...

It was a great time to be a gamer...good times. Arcades were there to stay.


i would stay in the year 2010 because thats when all the good times happened. I got my ps3 that year and also modern warfare 2


I'd relive 2009 because that's when I got my electric guitar. I'm still not a pro but I'm doing alright. But with Drums and Piano grades it's hard to keep up with everything.

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