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Xbox Live Im looking for a clan


Im 17, live in the UK. I can play every weekday from 4pm-Midnight and anytime over the weekend. Im level 59 at the minute. My k/d is 1.90 although it used to be over 2.00 untill i started making a sniper montage.

If I need to have a trial dont just send me a Friend Request, send a Request and a Message explaining who you are.

Gamertag ( x InSaNe II )

The Revolution Clan is looking for dedicated, long term, 18+ in age, team oriented members focusing right now on COD: MW2. We are looking for people that want to win, but have fun at the same time. We are a tight knit group that values our friendships as much as winning. We fully participate in all sorts of tournaments and other forms of competitive gaming. So, if you'd like to check us out and possibly put in an application, you can visit us at Login. We currently do have other members from the uK. Our play times are from 8PM-2AM CST on average.


We're a PC only team and looking for people to join us in both Europe and North America. As a multi gaming clan we offer a lot to keep our members occupied and coming back. We are in the process of starting a cod4 twl and cal tourny team. We operate our own Vent/TeamSpeak servers and run servers for 9 different games equaling more than 35 servers with more to come. You don't have to be the top player in any game, you do however need to have a good attitude. U4EA is about having a great time online, gaming with others who enjoy using their leisure time in the same way you do.

If you would like to join add me to xfire at this name shook772 or you can go to the site register and click the tab that says join -U4EA- and a member will contact you asap...




I've just created "Hades Heroes" we're looking for some members (PS3 & Xbox) you fit right into our schedule, we play Waw and MWF2. You would be given a high ranking position given your stats.

We are a fun team, we play serious, yet don't care at all about a loss. We're going to be entering tournaments, and all soon.

If it sounds like something you might like let me know.




Hello, I'm the CO of the 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment, We currently play, CSS, Cod4, MW2 and AA2.. We are a Military Based unit. We can provide everything you are looking for in a realism unit. We have active members and a committed command staff. The Regiment is accepting anyone from any part of the world as long as you speak good English. We are looking for active and dedicated players. If a unit with a chain of command, promotions, realism, and competition play is what you're looking for, Then the 278th suits you perfectly.

We are a Tactical Realism Unit for cod4. Which means our rules on our cod4 server are Tactical Rules. Don't join if you cannot follow them. The rules are in the General Orders on the main page

Enlisting and Becoming a Soldier in the 278th Armored Cavalry

Enlistment is your first step toward becoming a soldier in the 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment. The process starts by visiting our website 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment "I Volunteer Sir", signing up for our forums, and filling out our Enlistment Papers.One of the best parts about this unit is that we understand you have a life to live. We do require some activity, but that activity can be shown in many ways.

What we offer:
Good clean gaming environment
Nice smooth servers
Good members
A Fairly Active Unit
Good ranking structure
A close version on the real military

What we want:
You too be active
Have xfire and Teamspeak
Be mature and 15 or over
Willing to show up for practices and meetings
Being able to take orders and follow the CoC (Chain of Command)
Clean game play, NO HACKING!

You can Contact me on xfire skystriker98 or steam sky_stryker or at our website 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment "I Volunteer Sir" or by E-Mail military_dude_1@hotmail.com

We are a PC Unit/Clan

Hope to see you around

278th Armored Cavalry Regiment
Commanding Officer



We are a UK based Unit. After two years away from gaming 42 Commando has decided to re open its doors, but this time with a difference. Started completley from scratch, but this time with more structure, and a more realistic military style to proceedings. If you cannot take orders and commands then you need not apply. This is a tactical realism unit, who play the game with realistic tactics and operations to the best we can do in game.

42 Commando currently supports Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and the upcoming Call Of Duty: Black Ops wich is being released in november. We will be competing on the team ladders on GameBattles: The World Leader in Online Video Game Competition against other clans from the game.

Inside we run the unit with precision. Almost everything is already figured out and ready to go. If you are someone that would like to join a more realistic military style operation, then visit our site at 42commando.tk and click on the enlist image.

Unit Requirements
  • Must be 14 + (exeptions will be made dependant on maturity)
  • Must have a working mic/headset
  • Must be able to make FTX's and Squad Drill Times
  • Must be able to follow orders
  • Must have respect for fellow soldiers

See you on the battlefield Soldier!


If you want to take gaming to the next level, you should really check out FoD*, Foundations of Destruction at Foundations of Destruction - Official Clan Site

Our GB team is one always looking for real, expierenced members, and if you are more of a casual player, you may join the other 200 members that get together everyday and play public matches and other games like zombies,mike myers, cops and robbers, and many more.

We are awaiting the release of Cod: Black Ops. We will also be supporting this game.

If you have any questions and concerns, please, don't hesitate to get a hold of me. You can message me on here, but I will not be on here as much. The best way to message me would be to pm me on the ps3, dudzman123.

(FoD* Representative)
if you want to take it to the next level and want a clan then pop over to the red knights it is a relaxed clan and no pressure involved in it telling you what they require just a relaxed community and no pressure gaming with your online clan mates and we do compete on the leagues and you can do that if you want too just pop over and give us a look see what you think.
just msg on here and ill give you the details if you are interested.
msg me renegadesrath

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