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Angels of Death

Im Trying To Grow My Youtube Channel

Angels of Death


I really line seeing posts like this, it is polite and makes me feel like you would value me as a subscriber. I'm not at home right now, but I'll take a look later this afternoon.

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I had to watch this with headphones on, the very first word was a swear word, and I have a house full of kids, I wish you luck with the channel, but I can't be dealing with that.


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understood. it means a lot anyway. have a good day
Don't be discouraged from using swearing, but it doesn't have to be every 5 seconds or at least in the beginning.

I don't mind the swearing, but your voice sometimes isn't easy to completely understand or comprehend. Not saying i can't always understand what you're saying, but you're like.. fast talking over yourself.

Just a small critique. Sorry if I am coming off as critical or whatever.


any critique helps a lot. its better to get some sort of constructive criticism. i'll take it on board plus im not too comfortable making commentaries. means a lot


There are some people that don't mind swearing, there are some that do, if you shoot for the people that don't want to hear swearing it's unlikely that the people that don't mind it would be offended by there being no swearing in your content.

That said, don't stop saying what you think to avoid offending people, however, aim your videos to as broad a market as you can, so if you can deliver value to call of duty players, don't get your videos age restricted due to swearing as that might stop younger viewers from getting to see and learn from your content.

Lastly, should you ever decide to monetize your channel, advertisers might not want to have their get rich quick scheme, crowd funded paperweights, and fat burning miracle diet tablets associated with a youtuber that can't string 2 words together without an f word to complete his sentence. (Yes, I am being dramatic, swearing doesn't sound bad when it's done with a Dublin accent, but it's still not child friendly).

Here is some info on swearing, monetizing and YouTube channels etc....


i really felt that with the editing software failing you!!!!!
im not to excited for this gameplay after seeing swagg from faze
still gunna buy it tho
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Angels of Death