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Warzone Inconsistent performance (no related to fps drop after fees games)

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I'm getting inconsistent performance in-game, sometimes I can play warzone with 160-200 fps

Some other times it run around 60-110.

I'm unsure what trigger this.

Here's my setup

Asus 690-e (latest bios)
Intel 12900k
32 gig 5000 MHz ( using xmp)
1tb Samsung 980 pro (new)
Msi RTX 3080 ti (recently replaced as RMA)
HX 850 PSU (brand new)

All temperature a fine, no thermal throttling
Stable fps in furmark
Game is always fullscreen

Things I tried.

Reinstall Nvidia with DDU
Update bios
No apps are running in the background

I'm not even sure at this point what else I can do, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
not sure but if 3080 is rma could it be the card.
I think the OP means that the 3080Ti is new as the original GPU was replaced under RMA.

Also, @freakdaddy64, before you say it, it's not because it's Intel instead of AMD, I know you're thinking it right now! ;)

Let me welcome @Aeon187 to CoDForums.

I had an issue with CoD after building my current PC and swapping my GPU over didn't fix it as the issue was network related, I was getting an intermittent issue with lag when the router at home had a lot of of active connections.

I fixed my issues by moving my router.
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