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Increase in bad links


Staff member
For those of you who see these links. I'm sorry. Most of the links posted are unfamiliar to me, too. However, since I saw this trend, I've been banning their accounts. I sometimes miss these links, so I need YOU to report them to me. I'll take care of the rest.

But for those of you who DO these links - I'm warning you right now. I am not happy with this trend, and I am not going to stand by and let you shit on my board. If you want to post videos, post the real link, damnit. For example, one user posted a link, that's meant to take you to the YouTube video - I banned that user. If you really wanted to post a youtube video, paste the youtube video, and it will automatically embed. Here is an example:

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJGRwWkLnyM

In this case, all I did was paste this link... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJGRwWkLnyM


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
Further to the post by @Carlos

Most of us are aware of legit video sharing sites, we all know and recognise YouTube, other legit sites include Twitch, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and Imgur for photos.

The dangerous sites tend to be sites that look strange and take a form that immitates legit URL shortening services like Bit.ly.

If you just Google the domain name, usually the party before the .com in the address you can usually find out a little about the service. Many of the suspicious sites I've seen show that they are associated with either a pay per click model (where the poster of the link gets paid when we click it) or the search sites the sites are known to be used to spread malicious code.

Please exercise caution when you spot a link with a domain that you don't recognise.

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