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Institutionalized Racism...


The Equalizer
" But institutionalized also means just "established in practice or custom"

In my case I am referring to institutionalized racism as established in practice or custom by any given government or commercial or traditional entity..

There will always be racist individuals, just like there will always be hateful individuals..

That will never change..

But you simply cannot name any government agency or any commercial entity or any large grouping of people (sans fringe movements like the KKK or AntiFa et al) that is racist in it's declarations or intent....

THAT is what I mean by "institutionalized" racism..

Affirmative Action is institutionalized racism.. Government sanctioned racism..

Beyond AA, institutionalized racism does not exist..

Sure, you have your KKK or your AntiFa but those are terrorist groups, not government sanctioned or publicly accepted or acceptable behavior...

Moving this discussion to THE LOUNGE where, IMNSHO it's more appropriate...


The Equalizer
" At no point am I begging for forgiveness from African Americans. Stating that they deserve equal economic opportunity and equal treatment in the eyes of the justice system is not begging for forgiveness. Yes we'd like to live in a colorblind society, but when a large portion of your population still sees ANY people of color as less than whites, that isn't going to happen naturally.

What you are talking about is, basically, for all intents and purposes, racism to address racism..

And THAT is institutionalized racism..

Black Americans have all the same chances and all the same opportunities as white Americans..

This whole idea that black Americans MUST have a handout to make it in today's world is complete and utter felgercarp..

It's victim mentality... You show me any black American who has a shitty life and I can show you where they made their mistakes and bad decisions that gave them such a shitty life...

The idea that society owes black Americans is simply a myth perpetuated by the Democrat Party to keep black Americans thinking they MUST VOTE Democrat to make it in this country..

Democrats are the party of the KKK and they are still enslaving black Americans..

It's only the plantation that has changed form... The plantation now is welfare and "reparations"but it's still the same old racism and the same old enslavement..

It's simply in a different form..

Do you want facts to support??

Unemployment for black Americans was, pre-pandemic, at it's lowest point... ***EVER***... Repeat for the cheap seats..


And that was done not BECAUSE of the actions of the Democrat Party but rather IN SPITE of the actions of the Democrat Party..

That's real.. That's something tangible that black Americans can hold in their hands and hold their heads high.. A REAL job..

And that was brought to black America while the Democrat Party fought it every step of the way...

And now we see black AND white Americans destroying black American's lives and lively hood??

Where is the justification for ANY of that??

This is probably a subject I should stay away from because, as you can see, it royally pisses me off...

Institutionalized racism is dead in America...

Think I am wrong?? Fine.. Give me facts to support that I am wrong... Show me an institution, sans Affirmative Action, that is racism...

And by "institution" I mean any government or civilian or commercial agency or entity that is racist..

You can't because none exists...

And, please.. Don't respond with that tripe that "It's impossible to prove racism".. Mark Furman proved that it is EASY to prove racism...

What's hard... what's impossible is to prove racism where no racism exists...

But I can give you dozens of examples of phony POLITICAL racism..

Jussie Smollet
Tawana Brawley
Micheal Brown
Trayvon Martin
Eric Garner
George Floyd
Samuel Duboes

The list is endless.... All incidents that everyone swore was racism, but it never was...

As I said, this is probably a subject I should stay away from..

Sometimes I can't help myself..

Carlos, feel free to delete if I crossed any lines...
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