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intel or amd


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The answer right now is AMD, because they're doing everything right so far. My only issue right now is the choices of graphics cards. It's a bit confusing which card is best for my case.

Same thing for Nvidia, but I'm scarred from how they handled PS3's graphics chip or current slate of graphics cards.

Intel? Intel, intel, intel... they're known as a chip manufacturer. For a long time, they were known for CPU's since the 90's. But they're moving into graphics chips, too. I'm not too sure of how well they're gonna be in 5, 10 years from now. But it's clear that Intel considers AMD a threat as a competitor, that's good news for everyone. That means we get good products in the years to come.


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Not to contradict @Carlos as AMD are doing everything right, however the 7000 series X3D CPUs have a couple of issues.

The minor issue is with the Single or Twin CCDs. The 7800X3D uses a single CCD and that's best for gaming performance, the 7900X3D and 7950X3D both use 2 CCDs, as you can't get more than 8-cores on 1. 2 CCDs introduces lag which is not good for gaming performance.

The bigger issue has been with motherboard manufacturers and Asus has been singled out by the press for how they handled the situation. Essentially, the power management is not being correctly managed and too much power is being fed to CPUs leading to them burning up, killing both the processor and motherboard. BIOS updates to resolve the issue have not fixed it and the controversy comes from brands releasing beta updates and then saying using a beta BIOS will invalidate the mobo warranty.

The main advantage that AMD used to have over Intel has always been value, but Intel have started pricing more competitively now, following pressure from AMD, but in my opinion AMD offers the better performance option, just make sure the mobo you get is not 1 of the affected models.


well i asked because i have been amd forever now but back in the day i had intel and dont have a problem with them even though i shoot shots at anticheat about it and now im thinking of going back to intel just because. and i dont care about ddr5 so i would not have to break the bank to do so. all i need is cpu and motherboard. looking at this.
and this

578 bucks and i know i can get half that back selling my current cpu and mobo. i love what i have but just looking to try something different.

im not concrete on that mobo still looking. i like the msi 660 tomahawk also.


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
You know what I'm going to say already don't you?.

How big is the performance gap between the i9 and the i7?

Is it worth paying the difference?

I'm sure you'll find the performance difference will be single digit percentage gains while the price difference is a double digit percentage increase.

Also, it might make more sense to go with 13th gen rather then buying 12th gen then upgrading later.


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
Well, in that case, I would consider looking at the performance difference between the i9 and i7. You might find that for not a lot more cash, you could move up to a 13th gen i7 with DDR5 instead of a 12th gen i9 with DDR4.

Linus has a recently posted video on RAM speed, I've not had time to watch it yet, but there might be something in that that shows you it has benefits that you might appreciate.
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