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Intervention Hitmarkers

May 7, 2010
I Have Noticed recently That The Number Of Hitmakers i Get With The Intervention Has Gone Up. When I Am Running Around Pwning Some Noobs ;) I Have Noticed That I Often Have To Shoot More Than Once To Kill Them Where as When I Have Used The Barret 50.cal It Seems ALOT More Powerfull And Hardly Ever Get A Hitmarker. Has Anybody Else Noticed This??
Jun 5, 2012
Started using this gun today. I'm trying to get silencer kills, but I swear that this gun shoots bloody marshmallows, not bullets.

It's a bolt action sniper, and it CAN'T ONE HIT KILL WITH HEADSHOTS. Honestly. Thought I kept missing and hitting the shoulder or something, so I tested it on a prone guy I found. Square in the head, got a hit marker. Unbelievable. Sometimes, it takes 3 body shots, too. Maybe for a semi-auto, but a bolt action? There's something not right there.
Aug 26, 2014
The Intervention at long range with a silencer reduces some damage so you might get more hitmarkers. I never one experienced nonstop hit markers. I think that its just how its gunnna have to be.

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