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Introduce yourself!

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Introducing yourself is an important part of joining any Community. It gives you an opportunity to build bridges and create discussion points with existing Community members.

Your introduction can be as long or short as you want it to be. A good place to start would be a little bit of information about yourself, your favourite games, and what system you play on. Maybe think of something that others may find a common interest and start a discussion?

Our recommendations for an introduction would be to include the below, but remember, it's completely down to you!

First name / Nickname
Your age
What platform you play on
What type of gamer you are (Pro, Casual, Social)
What you are most looking forward to about Advanced Warfare

Whatever you decide to go with is down to you. But from the site team here at Callofdutyadvancedwarfare,com, Welcome to the Community and we hope you enjoy using the site!
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