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Introducing Call of Duty News section

Welcome to the "Call of Duty News" category, which has "articles" turned on. This will be where I will be posting Call of Duty news. Articles/Threads from this forum will be periodically rotated out into the forums that I decide. I've already begun rotating Warzone content into an archive. Because I will be introducing new features that improves the quality of life for the forums. I've been talking about the "upvote/downvote/best answer" feature for a bit here at CODForums. That will be the next introduction. But for now, I want to test the Articles section of the forums until I get it where I want it.

You cannot post a thread here. The reason being simple: Quality. I write news every day on my server, and I write it in such a way that it looks like a journalist posted it. That's because I am one. This year, this is where COD2021 news will be revealed.

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