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introducing me!


Hey guys!
This will be little waird for me, but i have added my team-name on the username so maybe its not so interested for you guys to know about my team, buy i will introduce my self to.

I'll start to introduce myself first :) I am boy/young man on 23 years old...i have been a cod player in many years and i will still be..from friends of mine i have heard that im a nice dude and cares about many people.

Introduce my clan: We are a xbox and ps team...and also multi-cod team, i have started this for a few days ago and i have some plans for it in the future..This team will be spectial..we are going to upload videos so no other clans have done before.

Well guys, there u have it...little introducing about me and my clan.....thanks for ur time and have a great day....PEACE!

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