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Introducing our gameserver and mobile browsing.

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Hey all,

We're approaching our first week anniversary :)rolleyes:) tomorrow and quite a lot has been going on in the last six days.

You may or may not have noticed a few different changes going on, a lot were rather subtle. Performance wise things should be as smooth as ever, and hopefully any little quirks and bugs in our design have been ironed out.
If you spot anything feel free to get in touch, and I'll get it fixed.

Primarily for my benefit I decided to throw together an iPhone skin. As I'm sure you can see our design, while great does have lots of graphics. It isn't the most streamline of websites, and there are a lot of features you simply don't need when on a portable device.

Take a look at the screenshots below, and let me know what you think. If you own an iPhone or iPod touch some feedback would be great. As i said, this was mainly or my own use so i can check up on things with ease. But if other people benefit too then great.

The next update which should appeal to everyone is the launch of the CODForums CoD4 server. This is a public 20 man server and you can find all the details at Call of Duty Servers - CODForums
Things are likely to be pretty quiet for the next few weeks, but hopefully as some new members join us here on the forum we'll also get some dedicated players for the server as well.

Expect more updates soon :)


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