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Introduction + Research Opportunity


Hi everyone!

I'm Joe, and I've been playing Call of Duty since about 2007. Since MW1, I've always tried to be engaged in the COD community. I've somehow managed to turn my passion for playing COD into a job, analysing Call of Duty as part of a PhD in International Relations.

I am looking for participants to take part in an interview about their experiences playing Call of Duty (it doesn't have to be any specific game in the franchise, whatever you have played). The research looks into how players interpret and make sense of the themes and content of Call of Duty, both multiplayer and the campaign. Essentially it would just be a conversation about Call of Duty, nothing too heavy. If you would be interested in taking part, please add more on Discord (joepatta), and we can discuss further. Or feel free to scan the QR code and fill out a brief survey to indicate your willingness to participate.


(If this is not allowed on here or it goes against any forum rules please feel free to remove this thread)

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